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Lady Lopez a walk in the forest  by Anena studios by ANenaStudios

It is undeniable that art is as much of a journey as: a vacation, growing from one stage of human development to the next or living life. When  I see art ; time stands still..... suddenly.... I want to know: what is going on, what the artist was thinking or feeling or wrestling with in her/his life. I want to know why that type of lighting...what is the story/ motivation. What is my lesson as a result of the art. Sometimes that journey can take 30 mins or years ... and I love it.Albert by Anena Studios by ANenaStudios
This one is about regret....a guy who was amazing beyond belief,  that I rejected because I did not feel special enough to  be in his presence.
And that look of desire and calm in this piece was how he'd always look at me.

Mena by Anena studios by ANenaStudios

This one is about the sunset...when I was child I felt like a queen whenever I saw the sunsets.

No Matter what is happening in my day ( challenging or rewarding), I always long for art, not because I want to run from life, but because I want to have the beauty that art brings in my life. Art is like a Stay-cation.

 A Love of Art is as easy to describe as a love for the Opera unless you can empathize.
Archery pose by anena studios by ANenaStudios

I was once asked "What is the purpose of your art; why do you waste your time and do it?" My response was that Art for me was nature over nurture. I do it because I am genetically predisposed to do it, generations of artist exist in my family....and I love to create.  The person just looked at me and walked away. 

By Anena Studios Harper Lynn by ANenaStudios

I guess you either get art  or you don't but I could not imagine a life with out art. Even if I lived to be so old that I could no longer see, I would create braille art and I would re-live in my mind all of the beautiful colors that I saw in my younger life time.


Ariana In The Beautiful Land  By Anena Studios by ANenaStudios
Color affects my moods and deepens my passion for art. You can make any space ( small or gargantuan) pure living, magical and sacred, just by adding art.  Sometimes a color will inspire me to create art. 

Marina and The Back Pose   By Anena Studios by ANenaStudios

I can take my dog for a walk and be overwhelmed with passion for art, just looking at all of the colors in the fall many colors that have no name.
Ena By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

Upon my return for walking my dog I will remember how beautiful and spread out all of the trees were and I try to give them names because I have never seen these colors before like: silver/pink and brownish/green and pear/gold and sometimes I will see a tree that actually looks like someone turned on a light because it glows so much. 

Lana Lace  by anena studios by ANenaStudios

Its at those times that I will create and render something colorful.

Black and whites remind me of raining days when I was younger and I would watch black and white movies and sip on chicken noodle soup and crackers.Allina Jones in Black and white  by anena studios by ANenaStudios


Hrissies Horse Sprite  by ANenaStudios

Animals are so special to me . I appreciate their loyalty and kindness. They use their heightened senses to protect us and I in turn am kind to them and create renders about them  so people will treat them better.Penny and her mom By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

Sometimes I am  up late getting my son's things ready to school for the next day, and cleaning up and throwing out the trash that I can be up until 2 am sometimes....

le puma by Anena Studios by ANenaStudios

and my dog always comes to me and keeps me company. 

Leo The Lion by ANenaStudios


Nani up close by anena studios by ANenaStudios

Whether there is light, a little light or a mixture...

Yvonnie By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

the artist is leading me on a journey to a place and I want to go...

The bride By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

not out of curiosity but out of respect. I know what its like to see a story in your soul and not be able to bring it out in art.

Erina  by Anena no labelgreen  close up side view  by ANenaStudios when I see that someone was able to master that which is sometimes unattainable....

Teslls By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

I look and follow and comment. 

Brook-Lynne  By ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

Art is not easy but it is so rewarding. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you can come and visit for I am always going to post something that took me on a journey

Ginger by ANenaStudios

and I hope it will take you there too.

Gia  by ANena Studios by ANenaStudios

With Love,
ANena Studios

When I learned about computer generated art I felt complete. It was like  I found a new way of self expression. Each time I discover a new technique I like to go back to earlier characters that I made and demonstrate those technological advancements with them.
Art is my life.  It fills my being with joy.  It is like  sunshine that I can feel at anytime of the day or like a best friend that I can call upon and feel a connection to.  My art is a piece of !y infinite soul that share as a means to add beauty to the world.